TBCC VPN is one of the services that is provided to users by TBCC Labs.
The mission of TBCC VPN is to provide safe and fast internet connection without any logs, spy or selling data. We want to help our users to forget about cyber borders, without compromising the safety of data.
Our priority is to make all your transactions fast and secure.

Global servers

We don’t use servers as ordinary VPN services do. TBCC VPN is totally decentralized and can be located anywhere. You can be in any place in the world and use our VPN, your location doesn't matter.

Unlike other VPN, TBCC VPN has such distinctive features as:

Why TBCC VPN is better?

TBCC VPN is much safer than other VPNs because it implements original cryptography, unlike other VPNs. The connection of the Internet will be extremely fast – you have no need to worry that you won’t succeed to do an immediate purchase on Binance DEX. Also, TBCC VPN has and easy-to-use interface. We provide you with totally anonymous app, that will never provide information upon your transactions and data.

Key features

Shielded and widened internet surfing

With TBCC VPN, you are fully protected from tracking and monitoring. You can work in the Internet, watch videos, use any app.

Totally anonymous

TBCC VPN protects you from the undesired attention from spy websites and annoying advertisers. No problems with visiting websites – your real IP will never be flagged on the Internet.


TBCC VPN is based on the decentralized Cellframe blockchain platform. Decentralization allows you to be independent of servers location and your connection is as fast as possible!